Intuitive Business Consultant ~ Geralyn St Joseph

By taking an Intuitive approach to business consulting I help you to realize your company’s full potential. Learning to be more intuitive in your business decisions can give you a step up on the competition. Using your instincts helps you to make decisions based on more information than you are consciously aware of at that time. Using a logical approach can be quite limiting to a company’s growth when bold moves are needed for success and one needs to remain a few paces ahead of the rest. I compare it to sitting in a traffic jam. Using only what is in front of you does not furnish you with enough information to make a qualified decision. You don’t know why the traffic is stalled, how long it will take or what avenues are open to you. But if you have a direct connect to the traffic helicopter you can acquire all the info you need because the traffic helicopter sees the whole picture.
Using your intuition [or mine] may not give you a detailed look at the landscape, but it will give you enough information to know whether a particular course of action will better serve you.
I have worked in management in several different types of businesses with all company sizes. I have experience in management, human resources [hiring, scheduling, etc.], administration, employee relations, customer relations, sales, marketing, advertising, media buying, copywriting and more.
I combine my metaphysical talents with my education to offer a unique style of business consulting. I have a BA in Communications with concentrations in Law and Psychology.

I am a highly effective motivational speaker, delivering talks on various subjects. Seminars and Classes include: Completing the Circle – Path to Self Empowerment, Creating an advertising budget for every business, The Magical Manager – Getting the most from your employees and more!

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I am available for private business consultations and corporate events: as an inspirational or a motivational speaker.

General Business Pricing Structure

  • Intuitive Business Readings                                            $350.00/hr*+
  • Personal Guidance Sessions                                          $280.00/hr, minimum three sessions*+
  • Business Consulting                                                         $280.00/hr*+
  • Motivational Speaking                                                     $2500.00*
  • Business Seminar/Training                                            $5000 full day*
  • Interpersonal Communication Assessment*               Call for a quote

*Plus expenses +Can be done by phone
Contact me now for more information or to schedule at or Call 808 261-7866

Hire Me

I am available for private psychic readings, group psychic readings, mystical parties, business consultations and corporate events: as a psychic reader or a motivational speaker.

General Pricing Structure

  • Intuitive Readings                                $90 per 15min
  • Guidance Sessions                              $280.00/hour, minimum three sessions
  • Business Consulting                            Call for quote, motivational speaking & interpersonal communication

Talk or text 808 261-7866 or

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Intuitive Readings

Guidance Sessions:280.00/Hour

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