Reiki Care Gold with Reiki Master Dawn Gold


Reiki Care Gold for Holistic Wellness
For People and Animals of All Ages
Provided by: Dawn Gold, Reiki Master Teacher(RMT), Certified Wellness Counselor (CWC), Angel Therapy Practitioner® (ATP)

Reiki may:

  • Improve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance and wellness.
    Increase relaxation, reduce or eliminate stress and improve sleep.
  •  Provide comfort and pain reduction/elimination management.
  • Promote the body’s ability to heal (boosting immunity), including mild to acute and chronic ailments.
  • Aid in pre-surgery prep, improve the process of surgery and post-surgery accelerated recovery.
  • Assist palliative care patients (and their family members) through the months, weeks and days of their transition process.
  •  Help release past traumatic memories and PTSD.
  •  Accelerate the healing of infections, broken bones, any cuts, wounds or burns.
  •  Be used in conjunction with Western Medicine in virtually any situation, including emergencies, including psychiatric mood disorders, releasing PTSD.

Reiki can also be used for:

  • House & Office Blessings
  • Eliminating unwanted addictions
  •  Pre & post-natal procedures and care
  • Dental work.
  • Strengthening relationships and/or releasing bad relationships.
  •  Distant treatments for a loved one
  • Excellent for all animals and plants, too!

Experienced services available including:

  •  Provide Reiki Sessions to both people and animals, young and elderly
  •  Reiki sessions can be provided via Distance Reiki
  • Provides Reiki Certified Training for children and adults
  • Wellness Certified Counseling, Peer Mentoring and Life Coaching
  • Holistic themed retreats including training, starting February 2016
  • Home and work place blessings
  • Speaking engagements for high schools, colleges and medical facilities
  • Participant and contributor in organized charity events on a case by case basis

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Location:  Practice is located in Merlin, OR.  Located just minutes from Grants Pass.
~ Daily outcall services are available within 30 miles from Grants Pass, to include Ashland, OR.  Please contact Dawn for outcall fees.
~ Available to travel for teaching and speaking engagements.  Please contact Dawn directly for details.
~ Some Reiki and counseling services can be provided via phone, Skype or email.

Rates: Check Dawn’s website for current rates.

More information about Reiki:

Most people are born with the innate gift of “healing”, but do not realize it! Those that do become aware of it, will find or be led to, a healing modality, a religion or spiritual practice to grow and expand upon.

Reiki is one of the many tools which one can be used to utilize this gift. One of the many amazing things about Reiki is there are virtually no rules or special equipment needed in order to use it. Reiki it is not a demanding and stern practice. Many people believe that it comes from a spirit of light, love, peace and joy.

Through Reiki training, a person becomes attuned to becoming a “conduit” for the Reiki energy to flow. It flows in one direction, which means that most of the time, the practitioner does not absorb any energy back from the client, nor does it drain any of the practitioner’s energy, because Reiki does not take energy from a person, it gives.

Reiki was “re-discovered” by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese educator, in the late 1800’s. Dr. Usui developed The Reiki “Usui” System, which is what Reiki practitioners use in modern day.

“Reiki” is a Japanese word, representing Universal Life Force Energy, which is the energy all around us. “Rei” means God’s Wisdom or Higher Power, “Ki” means the Life Force Energy. It is viewed as an unconditional loving source of energy which can be very healing on one or many levels of a person or animal’s existence. It can also be explained from a Religious, Spiritual, Scientific and Metaphysical perspective.
Reiki’s origins date back, possibly, over three thousand years ago to the Tibetan culture. Some believe that it may have started during the Egyptian times, over six thousand years ago.

Reiki is not a religion, but it does encompasses all belief and non-belief systems. It does not discriminate against any living being.

A common question is if a person has to believe in Reiki for it to work? Interestingly enough, the answer is actually, “no”. Just having the open mind to try it, is enough all by itself!

Contact Details:
Phone: 808.371.3230

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