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Aloha and Welcome.

My name is Marla and I was born in Vancouver, Canada to two mystically gifted parents, and as such I have been on a spiritual path my entire life. I currently live in Indianola, WA with my beloved husband Christopher (a Toltec Shaman – find more about him by clicking here). I am a holistic medical intuitive, clairvoyant, spiritual coach, trained chef, ordained minister and a 4th generation energy healer. I am also a DreamWalker – one who joyfully assists and guides others (people and their spirit) through times of transformation and metamorphosis, such as birth, awakening, ascension and death.
I believe that life is a grand adventure, and that if we learn how to see it there are gifts to be found even in the most dire of circumstances. I find great satisfaction by inspiring others to feel the love that always surrounds them – to remember their own joy, curiosity and excitement about being here on this beautiful planet – and to laugh more.
You can find more information about me and my services by clicking the various titles in the box at the top left entitled Marla’s Links.
I look forward to working with you as we support each other on our journeys.
I am that I am. In Love and Joy,

Phone: 808.636.7303

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