Heather Kalea

Intuitive Life Coach


Heather Kalea


Intuitive Life Coach/ Minister/ Hawaiian Healing /Hypnosis/ CCMBA/Reiki Master

Heather was given the Hawaiian name Kalea, meaning bright, clear and joy. Kalea is a natural born psychic who has had 2 near death experiences. This experience inspired her to write and publish her first book – “My Journey Between Two Worlds”. For over 20 years Kalea has expanded her education with extensive training in the metaphysical and healing arts. This has been her focus to allow her to create her own style of teaching and education for those who seek Wholeness once more

  • Master of Intuitive Life Coaching
  • Author
  • Clinical HypnoTherapist
  • Psychic / Medium with unique abilities.
  • Hawaiian Huna, Ho’opono’pono and Breathe of HA Practitioner
  • Ordained Minister for Blessings, Weddings and Events

Offering events, group and private lessons.

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“Heather saved my life literally. When I sat down with her after being coerced to have her reading from a family member I was skeptical. Yet her reading was so accurate I literally ran away crying.
You see I was about to get deployed for the 8th time and I wanted to kill myself, the thought of going there again to fight a war we shouldn’t be in made me crazy. My entire life was a train wreck. Within seconds of sitting with her she looked at me and took my hands. She gently asked me how she can help because she knew what I was about to do, she saw the time on the clock, the clothes I would be wearing and even described the room I was in. Most importantly how I was going to do it. She offered me helpful solutions, she thought the Military could help and got me on the right track. I was able to get the help I need and she continued to heal my emotional wounds as well. She is the real deal, I wouldn’t be alive today that’s a fact! She has helped my buddies too, she is good!” ~Sgt Eric P. Hawaii

“Heather was able to contact me with my dead mom who we found out committed suicide. Heather has gentle way about discussing such a horrible event in my family. It was in a comforting and loving chat like a 3 way call. Her compassion for the living and the deceased is like no other. She brought healing to my heart and my entire family. Talking with her was like talking to an old friend, I will defiantly refer her to anyone who is struggling in life.”  ~Shelly A. Ohio

“What can I say, I was not a believer and now I am.
I was never one for this sort of stuff, I was an addict and lost my life basically as all do when they go too far. I went to her for hypnosis as one last. A friend told me about her and then she found out my “core issues ” she calls it, with her soul readings she did so thing where she went back in time to fix my linage. I can say I don’t know what she did but hey, it worked. She nice and funny too, made me feel like an old friend who I knew forever.. Maybe we were, who knows? I just know I have no more cravings and I found peace again, money can’t buy that. She is a smart beautiful lady give her a call if you need help man don’t wait!” Thanks ~T. Wallace

To experience an incredibly transformational session with Kalea contact her NOW at kalea.heather@yahoo.com or 623-312-4506. Begin a better life today!

Contact Details:
Phone: 623-312-4506
Email: kalea.heather@yahoo.com
KALEA IS ON THE ISLAND OF MAUI IN SEPTEMBER ~ Contact her to schedule on other islands or by phone!

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