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Hawaii acupuncturist and animal communicator Debra Harrison is a woman of many talents. She has the wonderful gift of healing. She not only tends to the people around her, but also the animals that we love.

Debra’s sensitivity to her patient allows her to treat the patient on many levels, whether her patient is you or your pet.

Experiencing an acupuncture treatment with Debra Harrison is very freeing and energizing. Debra Harrison has a unique approach to acupuncture, utilizing her intuitive healing abilities as well as listening intently to the patient and their body. Esoteric Acupuncture, this is a true wellness Practice. It is for the individual who is searching for their path in life or their soul purpose. Esoteric acupuncture will invoke changes in lifestyle, diets and relationships. It goes beyond the closed system of ancient Chinese teachings into a more expansive energetic model for the 21st century

An acupuncture treatment with Hawaii acupuncturist Debra Harrison is often revitalizing and relaxing. Acupuncture by Debra Harrison is a formula for release of dis-ease.

Often people don’t like needles and this stops them from receiving an acupuncture treatment. They believe that it will be painful. I won’t lie to you, some points are more sensitive than others. Some styles of acupuncture are less gentle. Hawaii acupuncturist Debra Harrison has a unique style that delivers a comfortable, virtually pain free experience. An acupuncture treatment with Debra will leave you both relaxed and energized.

When acupuncturist Debra Harrison is delivering a esoteric acupuncture treatment she sometimes uses her crystal singing bowls to help raise the frequency in both the room and the patient. The experience can be magical. Acupuncturist Debra Harrison is very Intuitive in her approach and delivers exactly what you need.
Acupuncturist Debra Harrison is working in the field of pain management
Currently taking no-fault patients, HMAA and providing Walk out bills for any one with acupuncture
Coverage including HMSA

Hawaii Acupuncturist Debra Harrison also works with herbs in tablet and liquid form.

Call now for an acupuncture or esoteric acupuncture appointment 808 864-2152 on Oahu
You can experience acupuncture with Debra Harrison at :
6650 Hawaii Kai Dr.  #200
Honolulu HI 96825 in Hawaii Kai on the island of Oahu
Call 808 864-2152  now for esoteric acupuncture with acupuncturist Debra Harrison on Oahu in Hawaii.

Pet Communication
“People will ask me what sort of things I do with animal communication. Here is a brief article that should help clear some of the confusion:
I communicate telepathically with animals. I help find lost pets and talk to sick animals. People have asked me to connect with animals that have passed on, which I also do, but this leaves the realms of telepathy and moves into a more psychic type of connection.
Many people over the years have asked me to help them with their animal friends, but truly, this is more about us, the people, than our pets. Our pets support us on our journey.
All creatures (including us) born on this planet will die. We cannot change this, so we are all learning to accept it graciously, and make the most of that space between birth and death. The space we call life. Our animal friends always seem to do that well, whether they are loved or abused, crippled or sound, worked or pampered.
Through animal communication, I am able to help people as we journey through life.”
Debra has the gift of animal communication. She has personally helped people and their pets to come to a better understanding of one another. She has enhanced the quality of life of many pets and their owner’s through her pet communication and animal healing through acupuncture.

Animal communication can be done at a distance. Call Debra Harrison for details if you need her assistance through pet communication, but don’t live on Oahu or the Big Island of Hawaii.

Acupuncturist and animal communicator Debra Harrison serves Oahu for acupuncture.
As a pet communicator, Debra Harrison can help any English speaking animal and pet owner at any distance.

Contact Debra Harrison now for a pet communication session or acupuncture appointment – 808 864-2152.

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