Activate and Clear Your 16 Chakra System

Activate and Clear Your 16 Chakra System
In York, PA at Perkins – May 22, 6:30pm with Geralyn St Joseph

Discover Your 16 Chakra System*

☼    What are chakras?
☼    What do they all do?
☼    How to tell if they are out of balance
☼    What to do about it

In this guided meditation you will Awaken Your 16 Chakra System* to open your Being to better energy flow by releasing stress & energetic blocks. Maintaining a clean energy system can give you better health, more resilience & enhanced intuition.

This meditation will empower you!
*7 core chakras, 5 additional chakras of the physical body and 3 higher realm chakras along with your Gaia point
Basic knowledge of the core 7 chakras is helpful, but not necessary

Download your MP3 for $20.00

Special Energy Clearing and Balancing – Limited Time

It’s time for Spring Cleaning! We are being asked by our spirits to ‘clear the closets’. Before June 21 it is a good idea to thoroughly clear out that which no longer serves us, whether that be stuff or people.

Let me help.

For this time only I am offering a clearing and balancing session for $75 [reg $180] now through June 21, 2015.

  • cleanse and strengthen your aura.
  •  release old energies that have been slowing and blocking your success.
  • balance your entire 16 chakra system.

For a limited time only I am offering a clearing and balancing session for $75 [reg $180] Schedule now as space and time is limited! Pay below:

Releasing Unwanted and Extraneous Energy

Do you feel that something is blocking you from experiencing the best that the Universe has to offer you?
Do you find yourself moving forward toward your goals only to abruptly stop, feel yourself pulled backward or overcome with doubt and a sense of overwhelm?
These are some of the indicators of an energy blockage. You may consider this as coming from your subconscious, or as a negative energy attachment. However you want to look at it, in order for you to reach your highest level of success [and FEEL that level of success] you need to do something about it. These things persist and only seem to become worse over time.
I created a process to alleviate these pressures. Purchase access to an exclusive video – just $9.99. Once you have experienced this process for yourself, contact me for a more complete session to remove the chains that bind you and keep yourself free and clear!

Negative Statement Release

All of us have negative statements in our subconscious that effect the way we act and react to people and situations. These negative statements are the stray thoughts and beliefs that keep us from truly attaining our potential.

Negative statement release is done with the use of a unique tool that is endowed with high frequency positive affirmations. I perform a short ritual that transfers these frequencies into your subconscious, replacing the negative statements.