Aloha and Welcome to the Psychic in Hawaii website!

This site is dedicated to practitioners who are spiritually and/or physically connected to Hawaii. Many of the Spirit Artists that you find on this site have the personal recommendation of Hawaii Psychic Geralyn St Joseph, who developed this site to support the wonderful healers and psychics she met in her time in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii.

Many of the psychics and healers you find here will travel to Hawaii regularly if they do not currently live there. Other metaphysical practitioners you may find here follow Hawaiian practices or lived in the islands previously. Regardless, the people you find on this site carry a bit of Hawaii and the powerful Hawaiian energy in their hearts.

The practices, personality and methods you find here are varied and unique per practitioner. Contact each person individually to find out more about them or to schedule an appointment.

More about Geralyn St Joseph

Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph is available for private psychic readings, group psychic readings, Gallery style psychic readings, mystical parties, intuitive business consultations, and corporate events as a psychic reader or a motivational speaker. Her services are available in person, by phone and over the Internet via email, SKYPE, Google Hangouts, FB Messenger. (Initial readings must be done in person or over the phone.) Contact Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph to discuss your needs:

All the services I provide as a psychic intuitive are geared toward helping you
achieve a greater awareness of your place in the world and your effect upon it.

Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph

Spiritual Guidance in Psychic Readings

The information Hawaii Psychic Geralyn imparts to you comes from many sources, including your own guides, her guides, and Spirit. Spirit is the universal force known as the Holy Spirit. Hawaii Psychic Geralyn is clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and can act as a medium.

In a psychic reading you are given the information you most need to know. This isn’t always what you think you need to know. Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph generally begins her readings with a general reading and allows you to ask questions that are more specific after Spirit has a say. The information that comes through in a psychic reading with Geralyn is often about your life path and the relationships that surround you and effect you.

I cannot promise to tell you what you want to hear, but I promise to tell you what your guides need you to know.

Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph

Couple’s Guidance – Spiritual and Intuitive

When couples enter counseling, it is generally at the insistence of one person. Unless both parties are willing to actively participate in the healing process by working together and individually, it is difficult to instill changes; and ultimately there is the risk that nothing in the relationship will change.
Intuitive Relationship Coach Geralyn St Joseph’s style of guidance incorporates frank discussion and interactive communication exercises to practice at home. The lessons learned during your sessions are integral to all your relationships and help you to live a more fulfilled and productive life.

The results of this style of couple’s guidance are generally evident by the third or fourth session. A minimum 3 session commitment is required. Find out more…

Corporate Events

Make your corporate event exciting and effective with a motivational interactive talk. Let us know what topic you would like.
Give your employees the option of a psychic reading or signature analysis. Call Intuitive Business Coach Geralyn to discuss your options.