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Aaron Jason Meredith, Life Coach & Spiritual Advisor
Awaken to your Soul’s True Calling!

Awakening has been a very natural process for me. Though there have certainly been catalyzing moments… and resources…it’s mostly unfolded of its own volition. Some people have to be dragged through the mud-the way of the cross to have their awakening, to find ‘enlightenment’. That has not been the case for me. I don’t know why, but deep down, I’ve always known who I am and I think that’s true for all of us, though we are all immersed in the illusion of separation, to varying degrees.

As I began to awaken, in my early 20s, I was suddenly finding myself at peace with situations that hitherto, had sent me off the edge. It mattered not what was going on around me, I could still feel connected with that unshakable peace at the core of my being. This is something that would prove to be of tremendous value to not only myself, but to all of those around me.

I very quickly found myself holding the space for others to take a step back, and recognize the energies at play in any given situation in their lives. If I can assist you in recognizing that not only do we create our own reality but that we create it with every thought we have, every moment, a fundamental shift can take place at the very core of the dysfunction. To me, there is only one dysfunction systemic throughout all of humanity; the illusion that we are separate from one another and the world around us. That illusion alone contains all other subcategories of any fear-based perception possible in creation.

The good news is the illusion, is only an illusion. And it can only be synthesized in the mind. What I do in working with people through JoyfuLiving Coaching, is to simply hold the space for them to BE; to perceive and process from the heart- our own internal navigation system. I feel it is the greatest gift I can offer to the world. And here’s why…

We already BE. In forgetfulness of this absolute truth, we enter into an endless entanglement of trying to do that which we already BE. I am here to help you allow the layers of stories and perceptions obscuring your beautiful being to fall away naturally. Peace is the very nature of your existence. If you’re not feeling peace, your mind is very likely churning out one story after another, like a broken record. I’m here to help you sing again, in resonance with the flow of the whole universe.

What does that mean – to hold the space for you? Contact me and see.

It is my greatest heartfelt honor, as your brother, to hold the space for you…to allow yourself to be you.

Aaron Jason Meredith

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